Welcome to Bradford-online. Here are Bradford we are a small community with topics you can choose from to write about in your university class. These topics we include are not science proven and subjective if they really work or not but it is going to be your job to research and add your opinions to these topics. Some example topics are spirits or ghosts. Do they really exist or is this just a make up urban that people use to scare people when they’re bored. Or topics like energy, when I life passes away, is their energy still in existence? These are topics that cannot be proven with the scientific method but it doesn’t necessarily mean they dont exist. Using what you have learned so far, see if you can prove or disprove the topics we announce.

We are still undergoing maintenance and will shortly have a new site format that you will be able to use. Until then here is a chi energy demonstration. See if you prove or disprove this video for practice.


Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.