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About Bradford, PA

The city of Bradford is located in McKean County, PA, just a few miles from the border between Pennsylvania and New York.

Its cityhood began in the 19th century and was actually fortunate to be among the thick of the Pennsylvania oil rush. Pennsylvania’s oil was found to be almost pure—free of any substances that makes it poor and is good enough to provide lubrication. The 19th century was a period of robust growth and accelerated expansion for the city. The Bradford and Foster Brook Railway served it. Even Kendall racing oils saw production in this city.

Aside from being an oil contributor, Bradford was also instrumental for the creation of private aircraft services. The Taylor Brothers Aircraft Corporation was located in the city; it created a private plane named the Taylor Cub there. Later on, a fire gutted the factory and William T. Piper bought it, who went on and re-designed the plane, creating what would later be christened the Piper Cub.

As for people, Stew Barber (professional football player), Marilyn Horne (American mezzo-soprano opera singer), Larry Peace (NFL player), Rube Waddell (Hall of Fame pitcher, Baseball), and Jay and Jules Allen (film exhibitors) were all proud sons and daughters of Bradford.

Among other people, places, and events that happened here, Bradford, PA stood as a breeding ground of excellence, industry, and economy. Times may be hard recently and trials may be tough, but the city stands ever proud and ever resilient against any and all that may challenge it.