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Bradford Schools

In any place, education is important for any family raising children. The city of Bradford, Pennsylvania belongs to the Bradford Area School District. It encompasses a region starting from Bradford, running through Foster Township, and finally covering Lafayette Township in the Pennsylvania county of McKean.

Schools that are included in the district are found below:

The Bradford Area High School
Principal David Ray
(8144) 362-3845

The Floyd C. Fretz Middle School
Principal Tina Slaven
(814) 362-3508

The George G. Blaisdell Elementary School
Principal Erin Waugaman

The School Street Elementary School
Principal Sarah Tingley
(814) 368-3183

Schools in the Bradford area constantly create waves through achievements through the years. From 2012 to 2017, the area was awarded the U.S News and World Report Silver Medal for high Reading, PSSA scores, and student AP course completion 4 times and the U.S News and World Report Bronze Medal for high Reading, Math PSSA scores, and student AP course completion 2 times. They were also awarded the Pennsylvania School Board Association – Schools of Excellence in Technology award in 2011 and the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association Merit Award in 2010.

These awards were enough to get them a ranking of 242 out of 500 districts in newspaper Pittsburgh Business Times’ list in 2012. This was based on the constant awards and merits they received for PSSA test scores in various subjects like Math and Reading. It was a big deal for the district; they moved up 103 places from a ranking of 345 only during 2009.