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Interesting Pennsylvania: A Visit to History and Culture

History can never be tiring and places can never grow old enough for people. Pennsylvania features a big chunk of history from the old Americana. There are a lot of places to visit that gives you a unique look at how people lived back then; how they made do of everyday life, and why these places are still historic and famous up until now.

Aside from the places, here are a lot of features about the place that’s considered interesting.

The Billion Dollar industry of Bradford

Bradford is famous for being the first place where US oil was drilled. 80 miles out from Bradford, Titusville became a center of activity when the rush for ‘black gold’ happened. It was in between 1871 and 1920 when 90,000 oil wells sprung up in Pennsylvania. The world owes about 82 percent of its oil in the past from this US region.

Clayton Dorn, the oil magnate

An industrialist he may not be, but Clayton Dorn was one of those who became rich from oil. In 1929, he put up a family hunting and fishing compound on 1,500 acres of woodland he came to own. This day, it is known as the Lodge at Glendorn. It has become famous as a premier destination for hunters and anglers as well as a luxurious resort and vacation destination.

Henry Hamlin, another oil magnate

Dorn wasn’t the only one to become rich from oil; Henry Hamlin was another resident who struck rich with oil, but he diversified his business into lumber and gas. He built a mansion in Smethport, Pennsylvania as a wedding gift for his daughter during the 1800s. This day, the Mansion District Inn offers history in addition to a place to rest.

The Kinzua Bridge

In 1882, the Kinzua Bridge was built to provide a way to pass over a three-hundred feet valley. It was then the highest point connecting to the New York to Erie railroad and had also taken place among America’s tourist attractions even when it was first opened.

The Toy Depot at Kain

Rocky Color Cones are one of the best things to happen to children. It was also one of the best things to happen to Kane in Pennsylvania. Children everywhere owes their childhood to Holgate toys, a museum of which is currently erected at the recently renovated old Train Depot at Kane.

Everywhere you turn in Pennsylvania, there’s always a place to visit for history or a site to see for culture. Take in the sights and sounds of this historic city and know more about the past.

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