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Living in Bradford: What it’s like to Move in and Live in the City

The city of Bradford, located in the greater McKean County region, has a population of 8,608 and is steeped in history. There are some pretty good reasons to move into the city aside from that; there’s the suburb feel and its closeness to the state of New York, among others.

Aside from those, here are some reasons to consider Bradford as your next home.

A Young, Vibrant Community

The city features a population of youth; the people aged 21 and over are around 73%, while those of legal age make up 76.9% of the population. Elders account for 17% of ages 62 over and 14.1% of ages 65 over respectively, making it a relatively young city.

Quaint, fairly busy Suburb

If you love hills and greens with your living space, you’re going to love Bradford. The quiet and peaceful living it offers is unlike any other. There’s only a Wal-Mart Supercenter in the city; no malls and very few business are available, if ever, a con to living in a small suburban type city. A pro, however, is its closeness to places of art and sites to see such as the Niagara Falls.

A Fair Economy

While one of the only jobs even taking new office workers belong to the health industry, living in Bradford is fairly easy; people live on an average of $31,857 yearly while they can own a home for as low as $54,600. It’s a fair trade-off considering the place is great if you’re starting a family. You can take them to the area’s university—the University of Pittsburgh.

There are lots of reasons why to choose a city to live in. Bradford’s suburban feel, as well as the history of the place, is why it’s a good choice. It’s a great place for a young family wanting to make a history and a tale of their own within a heritage city.

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