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Not in Pennsylvania: The State’s Worst Places for 2018

When you’ve got Pennsylvania’s best, you’ve also got its worst. It’s the curse of every great town and state to have both. While one isn’t usually better than the other, you’d rather have the better parts of it outweigh the bad. In Pennsylvania’s case, we’ll take a look at what places have been bad especially at the start of this year.

These are the places that have been deemed a bit unpleasant, but not at all worst, to say the least.

McKeesport, PA

The distinction of McKeesport as a real bad place in Pennsylvania stems from its home values as well as its unemployment rate. Unemployment here drops at the 15.2% rate although salaries are evenly priced—a worker here can earn around $26K annually. Not bad, but not good either if you don’t have a job. At the very least, you can earn a home in about 2 years as the average price is around $45K.

Tamaqua, PA

A coal mining town, it’s not at all bad in Tamaqua. When you look at it, workers here have a pretty good salary in contrast to the home prices ($32K salary; $56K homes). While crime and education are tolerable, perhaps what makes it bad for Tamaqua is the staggering normalcy of it all; the rates here are average, that’s why it’s not great when it should actually be.

Clairton, PA

Clairton got the worst end of the stick during the recent shakedown of the economy. Crime rates and economic rates here are at an all-time high, and being rank 4th in a list of dangerous places in Pennsylvania won’t help matters. The homes here, averaged at about $47K, still aren’t worth the price, considering you’d rather value your life than make big savings.

Reading, PA

The statistics don’t lie and Reading workers don’t take a lot home to put food on the table. On average, and this is during the good years, workers make about $24K. That’s for a family of four; there’s no telling how many members in a family there are here. Reading also has one of the lowest home values in the state. However, couple that with bad crime rates and tax that’s a killer as well, things look bad.

Johnstown, PA

If you’re looking for signs of poverty, you’ll find that here. Residents earn about $24K on average here and that’s a little below or just about at the poverty line. That’s also saying that a lot of residents here skirt that average. Homes are priced at around $42K. There have been efforts to clean the city but, judging by the 12% rate in people leaving the city, it’s not working as well as it should.

There are other worst places in Pennsylvania that are suffering the same fate. However, it’s only a matter of time before citizens take matters seriously and do the right steps. It’s only right if they want to take calling Pennsylvania their home to heart.

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