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Prime Locations: Top Places you can have homes in Bradford, PA

Places that can be visited in Bradford, Pennsylvania are plenty; it seems that everywhere you go in the town you’re bound to run into a place of history or an event of culture. Incidentally, Bradford, Pennsylvania is also one of the prime locations to live in.

Bradford is perfect to live in because the cost of living is lower than all of the US and it’s not yet crowded—the population is around 8,500. That’s not the only thing good about the town. Here are some places you can live in.

41 - Prime Locations: Top Places you can have homes in Bradford, PA
Image source: bradfordairport.net

770 Bolivar Drive

Bolivar Drive features a home that has a country setting. Areas are still in need of improvement in this home, but with some improvements, they’ll be attractive once again. Having a country home has its benefits; it’s cool and has a roomy feel. Aside from that, it’s a great addition to a place already rich in history and culture.

63-65 Clarence Street

The home located here has been rented quite a number of times. This necessitates the improvements on the home; this included improvements in the fireplaces, natural gas lines, and the floor furnace. New entry doors and the basement were renovated as well, including the three bay garages. Two homes serve a purpose—one to live in and the other to rent out.

72 Clarence Street

This pre-Colonial looking home looks like it was built during the time of the oil rush. It’s a great looking, homey feeling 3-bedroom family home. Renovations were done in and out of the home; the kitchen has been upgraded to modern standards while the master bedroom has a walk-in closet. It’s an energy efficient home as well, a unique feature when you consider its appearance.

112 Pleasant Street

If this home evokes memories of yesteryears, it’s because of its Tudor Revival appearance. It was built in the early part of the 1900s and is considered a prime piece of historic Bradford. The home takes inspiration from the designs of Tudor England. Homes during that time featured medieval appearances and were a big part of the 16th Century.

53 Orchard PI

This home is bound to be hot property considering it has been foreclosed. Listed on Trulia, the 1,716 square feet property was a new home just as the Second World War ended. It has since been renovated, but currently, no owner lives in this foreclosed property. Interested buyers will have to contact the bank for details about the property.

These homes are as affordable as houses can get. There are a lot of homes and a collection of different properties in Bradford, but these present a median opportunity for you to own a piece of the historic town.

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