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The Happening: Events to watch out for in Bradford, PA

A place like Bradford, Pennsylvania features a lot of things to do. If you think there’s nothing else to do here, you’re wrong; aside from the history, there are a lot of activities you can do in the town. If you don’t fancy history then you can live in the now with the line-up of events you can go to and take part of.

The town of Bradford is ready to share its culture with visitors. Events like these happen annually in the town.

The Annual Eagle Watch, presented by Kinzua Cachers

Visitors who are avid environmentalists will enjoy this annual event. Sponsored by Kinzua Cachers and presented by Dave Donachy of the PA Game Commission, people can take part of the event by staying at makeshift caches set-up throughout the recreation area. There will be free food in the event courtesy of the Visitor’s Center.

Spring Time Events

During spring time, you’d most probably want to spend most of your time outdoors. The National Quilt Month is celebrated in Bradford by having ornately-decorated quilts aired out in the open. The Little Fabric Garden plays host to the event this year. Visitors and people living in Bradford can pick up their Quilt Hunt Card at the establishment.

The Canticle Farm Market

Tuesdays are much-awaited in Bradford as it’s dedicated to the Canticle Farm Market. Produce from many vendors can be bought at fair prices here. Visitors can have their take of cheese, meat, honey maple, gift items, and baked goods here.

Hand to Hand Combat and Self Defense

Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo will surely be busy during the evening as they host a Hand-to-hand Self Defense workshop. There are various disciplines to be studied; combat disciplines to be discussed and practiced includes striking pad works, blocking and striking, proper use of hands, feet, knees, and elbows, as well as knife and stick defense and attacks, among others.

Taste the World Expo, 2018

Ian Asbaugh will host the popular event as he presents a 6-course dinner. Visitors will be treated to a global cuisine as well as a few wines and beers to pair your meal with. Each night will feature a different country; for instance, an East African night will feature food from the region as well as decors and items. Tickets will be priced at $100, considered a donation.

Even when you’re in Bradford, you’ll be getting a lot of culture and chances to take in different experiences. Visit Bradford and get to experience the different flavors and culture the place has to offer.

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